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Summer Style Chain Metal Cross Body Chains Fashion Pu Bag

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Products Description
1. Company Type:
2. After-sales service:
Long-term service provides new product styles, old customers have long-term discounts, please contact us for specific details
3. Style:
4. Material:
5. Delivery time:
1) Sample order, 1-2 days
2) Normally ordering 300-2000 pieces, it will take 7-15 days.
3) 300-2000 custom orders, it will take 10-30 days
6. Payment:
1) Paypal, Western Union, T/T
2) Production after sample order is paid in full
3) Normal order, deposit 30%, balance before shipment
7. Opening method:
8. Handbags internal structure:
Zipper pockets, mobile phone pockets, ID pockets, sandwich zipper pockets
9. Have licensable own brand:
Brand 2ndr, support distribution
10. Main downstream platforms:
eBay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, independent station, LAZADA, facebook, LinkedIn, youtube, ins, etc.
11.Customized logo and packaging:
provide a variety of customized solutions to choose from
12. Transportation and packaging:
A:1) Shipping, land and sea transportation can be selected according to the quantity
2) Put a pair of sunglasses in a PE bag; 30 in a white box; 300 in a box
B: Put a pair of sunglasses into an EVA box; 100 into a box.
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