Plannet Marketing and Intele Travel

Plannet Marketing and Intele Travel

Join Zoom to learn about the business Tuesday nights at "The Collective." at 7 pm central  standard time in person or via Zoom.


Meeting ID: 218-016-8444

Welcome To The website of  Rich and Rich Homeopportunities Collaborators

PlanNet Marketing offers two business opportunities, including an amazing and rewarding compensation plan

1. Reps: The PlanNet Marketing Rep who sells the InteleTravel home-based Independent Travel Agency (“ITA”) business and earns a direct sales commission. There’s a $179.95 one-time enrollment in order to become a travel agent. Then it’s only $39.95 a month. You’ll earn and save more than what the travel you book actually costs. Plus, our InteleTrust Guarantee ensures you’ll be profitable or your money back. And it’s easy to cancel your enrollment if you ever choose to cancel.

2. The PlanNet Marketing Rep who, in addition to selling the ITA business opportunity, also chooses to build a PlanNet Rep organization and earn override commissions on Reps in their organization who do the same. The PlanNet Rep opportunity includes: Low start up cost: Only $19.95 The monthly administration fee is $19.95 thereafter Personalized PlanNet Marketing Replicated Website No product purchase requirements Direct sales commission on ITA sales Enroll other Reps & earn override commissions 90 Day Refund Policy

Join Zoom to learn about the business

Website: Meeting ID: 218-01Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. is a digital affiliate marketing and advertising fashion retail ecommerce business. We network with other brands and small businesses to find unique products for our customers. The company is owned by Desiree Sims, an African American woman veteran CEO. Our mission is to continue to network with other small businesses in our community, nationally, and globally. We also want to bring products to our veterans through vendorship partnerships with the community Veteran's Administration. We have a shoeline, purse line, hats, jewelry, and clothing. We added travel Rich and Rich Homeopportunities Collaborators.

Online Store  

 The Collective at Bayshore 5700 N Bayshore Dr, Glendale, WI 53217 

Open hours

Saturday 11 AM–7 PM

Sunday Closed

Monday Closed

Tuesday 4–7 PM

Wednesday 11 AM–7 PM

Thursday 11 AM–7 PM

Friday 11 AM–7 PM 

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Plannet Marketing & InteleTravel  Business

2 options

1. Join and sign up additional rep's and get commission for everyone  that joins

2. Join to sign up reps and travel advisors

   A. Sign up for PlanNet and pay  $19.95 or 20.95 (monthly) for mobile and is recommended

  B. Once you get your plannet marketing link, log in and go to travel link bottom left hand side  click  and pay $179.  (pay monthly $39) You then get your travel agent credentials

Awesome, now you can market both your Plannet Marketing and  InteleTravel link for commissions

Book Travel

You are now a member of the Rich and Rich Homeopportunities Collaborators on PlanNet Marketing, we market independently and collectively.

We also offer store set up for travel merchandise because our Travel Agents are also small business owners and are also excited about travel.


Remember you must pay monthly fees to be eligible for commissions.

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